The Hellam Varon Mosaic

What began as just a fun after-busy-season event has come to mean so much more to us than simply a work of art that hangs in our lobby. With each team member cutting and crafting their own unique pieces to form the overall mosaic, it now symbolizes a daily reminder of our united vision. Every bright glass shape reflects our collective journey, diverse experiences, and strengths. Our mosaic not only embodies our teamwork but mirrors our collaborative approach to all that we do.

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Our staff designing and constructing glass pieces for the mosaic.

Celebrating Over Four Decades of Commitment, Excellence, and Unique Vision

Situated in Bellevue, Washington, Hellam Varon is more than just a CPA firm. We provide not only traditional accounting, audit, and tax services but also innovative and strategic estate and trust planning and high level, proactive business support services. For more than 40 years, Hellam Varon has embodied a visionary approach to accounting, with a commitment to excellence and forward-thinking professional services.

In the Beginning

Steve and Chuck envisioned Hellam Varon not as a traditional scorekeeper but as a strategic partner for closely held companies. They aimed to guide clients beyond compliance, helping them strategically navigate their finances and “win the game.” Their nickname, “The Outhouse Controllers,” reflects their philosophy and support for smaller companies without in-house controllers.

"We Do the Right Thing"

The principles of prioritizing clients’ needs and always striving to “do the right thing” are at our Firm’s core. We offer direct interactions, strategic advice, and solutions-oriented services to facilitate sound decision-making, leveraging our experience and assembling custom-tailored teams to serve each client’s unique requirements.

Our Core Values

Hellam Varon is dedicated to providing outstanding client service and creating meaningful experiences. We value unwavering honesty, universal respect, collaborative spirit, uncompromised excellence, and fun in our work, blending passion with purpose in every endeavor.

Where Numbers Count and Relationships Matter

Numbers Count reflects our commitment to precision in finance and accounting. Every detail is vital to securing financial success, from audits and tax planning to strategic consulting, underscoring our focus on accuracy, trust, and growth.

Relationships Matter embodies our belief that business is more than transactions. At Hellam Varon, we nurture relationships, understanding and anticipating needs while celebrating shared successes. Clients and team members are not just names; they’re part of our extended family, and we’re dedicated to fostering partnerships based on trust, respect, and mutual growth.

While numbers are crucial, we believe relationships are paramount.

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