High Net Worth
Individuals and Families

The word “family” conjures up a vast array of meanings and feelings.  A common thread binds us to those we care about — the goal of ensuring our loved ones are financially secure during our lifetimes and for future generations.

At Hellam Varon, we are passionate about working with your team of advisors to help protect what you’ve built. We support your plans as you continue to grow wealth through legacy planning, tax planning, estate planning, philanthropic planning, and much more.


Federal, State, and International Tax Law Compliance

The complexity inherent in income tax is compounded if you have investments in foreign countries and other states. In addition to Hellam Varon’s federal and state tax expertise, we can assist with your international ventures. Treaties between the United States and foreign countries need to be analyzed to ensure proper disclosures are made and to prevent potential double taxation. As an active member of MGI, a top 20 leading international accounting network of independent auditing, accounting, and consulting firms, we regularly draw on resources around the globe to meet our clients’ expanding international requirements.

Evaluating Your Retirement Plan Options

Not all retirement plans are created equal. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a corporate owner, or an employee with an employer sponsored plan, you want to take advantage of optimizing your annual tax-deferred retirement funds so that more of your money can grow. Our advisors analyze your choices, income, and the limits applicable to each retirement vehicle as mandated by law. We will guide you through retirement plan options to help you reach your savings goal.

Planning Your Estate

Estate planning is essential to designing a blueprint of the legacy you wish to leave behind. Hellam Varon’s estate and trust experts work closely with your legal and financial advisors to develop a plan that captures your vision while minimizing taxes. With your vision as the groundwork, we develop strategies that best achieve your objectives.

Education Planning

Setting aside financial resources to enable your loved ones to further their education is a significant investment. Hellam Varon can assist in carefully selecting an education funding strategy that meets your objectives.

Planned Giving

With proper strategic planning, we can help accomplish your philanthropic legacy with maximum tax benefits for your estate. Our team of advisors helps analyze your desired level of operational involvement within your chosen charities. We analyze your annual cash flow needs and the degree of investment oversight available as you select the vehicle that best fits your charitable goals.

Personal and Family Office Accounting & Bookkeeping

Hellam Varon’s talented and experienced QuickBooks and Xero professionals work closely with our clients to provide Personal and Family Office Accounting and Bookkeeping services. We assist in implementing initial accounting software or help improve your existing system. Our team members ensure your financial picture is accurate and up to date. We can also assist with bill paying, monthly bank and credit card reconciliations, federal and state payroll payments, and reporting for household help.
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