Legacy Planning

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Education Planning

One of the investments you make for your loved ones is setting aside financial resources to enable them to further their education.  As your education funds grow over time, it is important that you invest in securities that carry a level of tolerable risk, while minimizing the fees, income taxes, and miscellaneous expenditures encumbering this asset in order to keep pace with the cost of education.  

Should you use a Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET), a 529 Plan, a Coverdell Education Savings Account?  These are just some of the possible options available to you.  We can assist you in selecting an education funding strategy that meets your objectives.
Giving to the Community

Through proper planning your philanthropic legacy can be accomplished with minimal tax impact.  We help you analyze your desired level of operational involvement within your chosen charities, your annual cash flow needs, and the degree of investment oversight available to you as you select the vehicle that best fits your charitable goals.  You may want to consider charitable trusts, private foundations, endowments, and/or donor advised funds, to name a few possibilities. 

It’s important to not only create a plan that maximizes the funds available to carry out your charitable intent, but also to include oversight parameters for accountability purposes so you and your loved ones can monitor the effectiveness of your planned giving.
Planning Your Estate

Estate planning is creating a blueprint of the legacy you wish to leave behind.  We work closely with your legal and financial advisors to create a plan that captures your vision while minimizing taxes.  Careful listening is the foundation of good planning.  We listen to what you wish to accomplish, and more importantly, the personal reasons driving those decisions. 

We use your vision as the groundwork for providing strategies that best achieve your objectives.  For example, if asset protection is a primary concern, utilizing a limited liability company is one vehicle to consider.  If you have a philanthropic goal after providing for your loved ones, a charitable remainder trust may be part of your plan. 

An estate plan is a fluid process that evolves over time.  It is important to make sure your plan is reviewed after a life changing event, such as a birth of a child, marriage, etc.  At the very least, your plan should be reviewed once every five years to ensure your vision still holds true and that current economic and regulatory environments will not undermine your legacy.  
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