Tax Planning

Minimizing Liability Exposure

We live in a litigious society!  We can assist you and your attorney in establishing legal safeguards that will help protect your family’s hard-earned assets from unscrupulous predators.  We can provide, from a financial and tax perspective, the pros and cons of certain asset protection options that best fit your situation.  

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It is important for you to be aware of those tax changes that may impact you.
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Complying with Tax Laws

Tax laws are constantly changing.  We communicate with our clients throughout the year to review and discuss possible planning strategies.   

The complexity inherent in income tax is compounded if you have investments in foreign countries and other states.  We evaluate applicable state income and excise tax laws as often such laws may not necessarily coincide with federal income tax statutes.  
In addition to our federal and state tax expertise, we can assist you with your international investment ventures.  Treaties between the United States and foreign countries need to be analyzed to ensure proper disclosures are made and to prevent potential double taxation.  We are an active member of MGI, a worldwide association of independent auditing, accounting, and consulting firms.  These resources allow us to effectively meet our clients’ international needs.