When Kelly Reynolds came to Hellam Varon in 2008, she was looking for a next step in her career that was interesting, challenging, and one that would play to her strengths. She found all that and more! Originally hired as part of the administrative team, Kelly’s innovative spirit eventually led her to a new role at the firm in 2019. Now a member of the tax department, she is responsible for managing the workflow of tax projects throughout the year. She interfaces with each of the tax staff and shareholders, identifying the roadblocks, and moving work between staff to create the most efficient use of time. “It’s like the challenge of a great puzzle…involving problem-solving, development of new processes, motivating people and helping them prioritize their workloads”, says Kelly. “It’s rewarding to see it working!”

When asked “Why Hellam Varon”, Kelly is quick to share her appreciation of the family-oriented and supportive environment at the firm. “I was struck by the fact that this place knows who they are as a company and a culture”, she says. “It’s a place where my career can grow and change and keep me challenged.”

During her time away from work, Kelly is all about making every moment in life count. Most important to her is family, especially her son, daughter, and four nieces and nephews, who keep her busy! Somehow, she still finds time to run, hike and paddleboard (weather permitting). Creative and a planner by nature, Kelly also enjoys exploring interior design. Her favorite quote, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, has become her hallmark. “I like to think I can make life whatever I want it to be” she says. Well, Kelly, we are lucky you have included Hellam Varon in your life experiences!

Kelly Reynolds

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