When Emily Thomsen walked through the doors of Hellam Varon in 2018, she brought with her enthusiasm, motivation, a sharp intellect, and a self-proclaimed pragmatic approach to work and life. Emily began as a marketing major in the business program at the University of Washington, but eventually gravitated to accounting. She realized, as graduation drew closer, that she was looking for a career that was more stimulating and interesting and that led down a path of career opportunities. So when Emily’s first accounting professor talked about the challenge, satisfaction and impact of learning accounting as well as the career potential, Emily knew she had found her profession. “Working hard through a problem and eventually getting to an understanding of it – I chase that feeling every day at work and love it.” The rest, as we say, is history.  

After three years of getting the basics under her belt in public accounting, she moved to Hellam Varon to expand her experience specifically in fiduciary work. When asked why Hellam Varon, Emily is quick to say that the firm is well-respected for its expertise in estate and trust work, and she wants to focus on building her technical skills in that area of practice. “I feel like at Hellam Varon I can work on becoming an advisor to my clients. That makes me excited about a career in public accounting!"  

Born and raised in Washington, Emily is all about family. She loves spending time with her parents and brother, and (most importantly) with their English bulldogs, Isabelle and Annabelle. Emily grew up camping and hiking with her family and even lived in Perth, Australia for a couple of years, a place she’d love to revisit some year. Emily is a current pet owner of a loud but lovable cat named Riley, and hopes to rescue another feline friend in the future. She recalls always having animals in the house growing up, fostering dogs (and lots of kittens!) on their way to new homes. When asked about her favorite activity, Emily is completely unabashed when she admits to loving a good nap on the weekends to recharge. Well, Emily may nap in her spare time, but she is hard charging here at work. We feel like we hit the jackpot when Emily chose Hellam Varon for her professional home!
Emily Thomsen

University of Washington, B.A. in Business Administration (Accounting)

Certified Public Accountant

Professional Associations
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants
Practice Emphasis
Federal and state tax planning and compliance for individuals, families, closely-held businesses, and estates and trusts

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"At Hellam Varon I can work on becoming an advisor to my clients."
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