Erin Harth found her way to the Hellam Varon family in the fall of 2012 and quickly demonstrated her value to the firm and its clients.  She fit right in as a sharp, hardworking member of the administrative team. Erin was originally drawn to Hellam Varon for the opportunities it presented for professional growth. And in 2018 in addition to processing tax returns and her other administrative tasks, she began working with our Business Support Services group developing her bookkeeping skills, handling payroll for clients, and preparing Department of Revenue returns, as well as the various city returns. “I like the challenge of broadening my skills”, says Erin.

Erin has also come to relish the friendly and supportive environment at Hellam Varon. “This is a place with a sense of humor”, she comments. “You really get there’s a personality here.” And we love she is part of that personality! 

Erin is not a person to idle away time at work or at home. Away from the office, Erin along with her husband Chris, son Merrick, and daughter April, can often be seen hiking or camping…or maybe feeding the ducks in their nearby park. Any time spent out of doors is time well spent according to Erin.  Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you…there’s a lot of energy packed into that petite package!

Erin Harth

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"This is a place with 
sense of humor
You really get that there’s a personality here."
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