Alexander Gaston is a man of many interests and talents, including public accounting, which brought him to Hellam Varon in 2018 after three years of building his skills. Alexander was drawn to business and public accounting in college and found he loved the mechanics of how taxes work. “There is so much to learn”, he says. “While I can never master it all, I will definitely master parts of it. I like that I can never cap out.” Alexander has been inclined toward estate and trust work because he likes the complexity and challenge of it. “No two estates are the same, so there’s more opportunity to learn”, he comments. When asked why Hellam Varon, Alexander explains he was attracted to the firm’s estate and trust specialization. Also, he feels in a smaller firm he will be able to build long term relationships more easily with his clients, because he has access to them earlier in his career. “And then, of course, there are the people here…they are great!” he grins.

Born and raised in Washington, Alexander has collected a number of hobbies and outside interests. Listed among them is playing the piano, rock climbing, shooting sports, hiking and backpacking, camping, martial arts, snowboarding, archery, igloo building, foosball, and Rubik’s cube solving…to name a few! Having earned his Eagle Scout rank, Alexander credits his involvement in the Boy Scouts with shaping the person he is today. He loves the outdoors and definitely prefers to participate in sports rather than be a spectator. And like many of our Hellam Varon staff, Alexander enjoys traveling and has visited Australia, Italy, Hungary, Poland, and many parts of North America. Next on his list is Japan.

Alexander approaches work with the same gusto he does life and with an unending eagerness to learn and grow. He was a great fit for Hellam Varon right from the start!

Alexander Gaston

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University of Washington, BA in Business Administration, concentration in Accounting and Finance,      graduated summa cum laude

Certified Public Accountant

Professional Associations
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants

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Federal and state tax planning and compliance for individuals, families, closely-held businesses, and    estates and trusts

"The people here...they are great!"