Serena Boehmer has been in the accounting game since 1985, and claims she enjoyed bookkeeping even in her high school years. One of two Hellam Varon staff members hailing from North Dakota, it is easy to assume she simply had nothing else to do given those long, cold winters. However, such an assumption is quickly disproven with a short conversation about small business focused accounting processes. Serena clearly loves what she does. 

Serena can often be found in the office in the early mornings, helping her clients navigate their financial landscapes through everything from start-up to tax agency audits, providing ongoing support and advice on payroll, business taxes, or how to restore an AMC Gremlin (her husband's recently took second place in a local car show). As a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor she helps small businesses become self reliant, but is always on hand to help them through difficult situations. 

Outside of the office, Serena can often be found gardening, reading, or fulfilling her duties as Treasurer of Catalina’s Hope Guild, a Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild. She might also be spotted 'exploring America by road' which is just a nice way of saying 'driving from place to place with her husband, Jim, and a trailer to take pictures and drink wine'. Either way, Serena is an accomplished navigator. Whether on the roads, or through the labyrinth of finance, she knows the path ahead and the turns to take. 
Serena Boehmer
Director of Business Support Services
University of North Dakota, Accounting

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Certified Xero Advisor

Professional Associations
American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers

Community Activities
Treasurer of Catalina’s Hope Guild, a Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild
Fundraising Development and Support Committee of Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association

Practice Emphasis
Small business consulting and accounting (including payroll and business taxes)
Set-up and accounting procedures and systems
QuickBooks support
Xero support

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