Upon first meeting Mark Raker, there is a strong sense this is a person who finds order among chaos. Growing up, Mark learned to solve problems from the ground up by connecting pieces of information, and later found these skills applied to accounting and auditing. While he first decided to major in accounting because he knew he could get a job, once he was in public accounting Mark realized auditing was a profession that played to his strengths. It satisfies a desire to find the matches, to compare and contrast, and to figure out the steps involved for the most efficient method or process. If that’s not the heart of a true auditor, we don’t know what is!

Mark finds his work with clients to be compelling and fulfilling. He wants his clients to feel they can rely on him to make their lives easier, because he can find the way through difficult processes of dealing with complex rules companies have to follow. Often the regulatory environment can be painful for clients. His ability to manage, plan and consult with clients through these challenges is what helps him build solid, long-term relationships. When clients experience the benefit from his efforts, Mark counts it as his real reward.

When asked why he chose Hellam Varon, Mark answers promptly, “I appreciate working with people whose expertise and ethical standards are so high.” While there can be a steep learning curve because every firm is different, Mark likes the intense digesting of what is new, recognizing the processes and making them work, much like the way he helps his clients.

When Mark is not working through the intricacies of new regulatory requirements for clients, he can be found running or biking on the roads and trails around his family’s home. What started as a way to get in shape years ago has developed into a long term hobby. He comments that running benefits him physically but can help with a lot of other things, such as relieving stress. It is no surprise that Mark is drawn to this type of activity,  “I like to figure out how to bike and jog with efficient movements,” Mark says. “It doesn’t take brute force.” 

And neither does excellent auditing work, Mark! We are so pleased Mark’s path led him to Hellam Varon.

Mark Raker
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"I appreciate working with people whose expertise and ethical standards are so high. "
​  Central Washington University, B.S. in Accounting

​  Certified Public Accountant

Professional Associations
​  American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants

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​   Accounting assurance services including audits, reviews and compilations