When Laura joined Hellam Varon for the tax season in 2007, she wasn't really looking for a permanent job.  But Hellam Varon immediately recognized the value she brought to the firm and coaxed her into accepting a permanent, part-time position.  Over the years, Laura has contributed to the success of each tax season as a valued member of the administrative team.  "I appreciate the culture at Hellam Varon.  It's a friendly atmosphere and people are kind to each other.  Maybe that's why there's not the turnover in staff you see at other firms", Laura comments.

Laura graduated from Texas A & M with a degree in marine science, but life led her away from a career studying marine environments.  She feels a strong calling for charitable work.  While much of her spare time has included volunteering related to her children's schools and activities, she is finding a shift occuring to more of a charitable focus as her son and daughter have grown. 

Of course, family remains Laura's first priority.  She and her husband and two children enjoy traveling, especially if the destination includes a warm, sunny beach.  New Zealand, Puerto Rico and an immersion trip to Paris for a month have all been part of the family travels.  Hiking and sailing are also favorite activities, although Laura's idea of fun camping is bedding down at a Hilton.

With such a focus on creating close family dynamics, it's no wonder Laura fits into the Hellam Varon family so well!
Laura Sabine
​    Texas A & M, B.S. in Marine Science, Summa Cum Laude

Community Activities
    St. Vincent de Paul volunteer
    Girl Scouts of America 
    Environmental and Adventure School
    New Bethlehem Project, Steering Committee

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"I appreciate the culture at Hellam Varon.  
It's a friendly atmosphere and the people are kind to each other."
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