Chris Gifford joined the Hellam Varon team in early 2016 after a flourishing fourteen year career as a paralegal in estate and trust planning and probate.  When he decided to make a change into accounting, Chris was a natural and logical fit for our fiduciary group.  As a paralegal, he has shared client relationships with our firm and as a result was well known to our estate and trust folks long before joining us.  Chris had been considering a move to accounting for a while.  He is drawn to the problem solving aspect of tax and feels understanding the "other side" of the trust and estate process will deepen his ability to assist clients.

When asked, why Hellam Varon, Chris comments, "Hellam Varon has a reputation as a top notch firm with good people.  I know they produce quality work and value relationships.  Everything else just fell into place."  Here, Chris knows he will be able to continue working closely with clients while gaining exposure to the different issues presented by the tax side of estates and trusts.  One of his many strengths is helping clients navigate the often challenging process of getting their estates in order.

Chris has also made another recent transition.  This one into married life!  He and his fiancee, Gloria, who have known each other since the 5th grade and dated for more than 5 years during high school and college, were married earlier this year.  In his spare time, Chris takes to the high country looking for deer, elk and antelope during hunting season.  In the warmer months, he can be found riding dirt bikes, fishing, and/or camping in the mountains with family, friends and his faithful Labrador retrievers.  We also know he is pretty handy with a saw and hammer, as he and his brother have remodeled much of Chris' house.  A Jack of All Trades!  And a great addition to Hellam Varon!
Chris Gifford
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"Hellam Varon has a reputation as a top notch firm with good people."

Central Washington University, B.A. in Law and Justice, specializing in Pre-Law/Paralegal Studies
Western Governors University, pursuing B.S in Accounting

Practice Emphasis
Planning and consulting for individuals and families related to estates, trusts and probate
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